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Premium Retail Solution

We are committed to provide a comprehensive and flexible retail environmental solution for our commercial clients. By combining different types of services, we can customize a total solution which is able to promote your brand as well as your customers ’shopping experiences.


Shopfront and shop sign cleaning

Window display and glass cleaning

Carpet vacuuming and floor mopping

Refuse and cardboard collection

Store equipment, check-out counter and display cabinet wipe cleaning

Cleaning supplies, tools and equipment upon request


Shop front and shop sign deep cleaning and dirt removal

Warehouse and storeroom deep cleaning

Floor deep cleaning by scrubbing machine

High level cleaning and dust removal

Indoor A/C outlet cleaning and sanitizing

Toilet deep cleaning and sanitizing

A/C dust filter deep cleaning


Pest control management

Carpet and fabric seat deep cleaning and sanitizing

Floor dirt removal and waxing

Air conditioner cleaning and sanitizing

( Marble ) Stone caring and restoration


Premium Office Solution

Office customers enjoy various and flexible
environmental service combinations satisfying the actual needs of them

Premium Retail Solution
We promote the brand image and customers ’shopping experiences of the retail industry by providing environmental services 365 days a year
Premium Catering Solution
From restaurants into the kitchens, we offer a customized environmental solution to the Chinese and Western catering industry
Brands and products we use for services