1.How can I make an appointment?
A:We provide a variety of contact methods. You can call or WhatsApp +852 9743 3677 to make an appointment. The specialist will contact you as soon as possible. Also, keep an eye out for the latest on our Facebook and Instagram pages.

2.What is the service process?
A:Please make an appointment with us for the cleaning service first. After the two parties confirm the service date and time, customers must pay a 50% deposit within three working days to confirm the appointment. The balance should be paid the day before the service day. On the day of the service, the cleaning staff will provide the door-to-door cleaning service. The service will be completed after the customer verifies and accept.

3.How to calculate the service charge?
A:Our charging method is transparent. The calculation unit is based on the price per square foot or object. The are no hidden charges. For details of fees, you can refer to various service items or directly inquire with a specialist.
*Additional fees will be charged in remote areas or stairs, please specify when inquiring for a quote.

4.What appointment times are available?
A:Appointments are available from weekdays Monday to Friday 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. No appointments are accepted on public holidays. If customers need to make an appointment on Saturday, please inquire one week in advance to arrange the time.

5.Does the service fee include insurance?
A:Yes, we have contracted labor insurance for cleaning staff and third-party insurance. Customers can adopt our service with confidence.

6.What information should be provided when making an appointment or inquiry?
A:Please provide the area and size of the unit. It would be better if the customer could provide pictures of the site environment. Due to the different information required for different services, you can consult with a specialist for the exact information required for each service.

7.Can I change the service date after making an appointment?
A:It can be changed once after paying a 50% deposit, please inform us 24 hours in advance.

8.What payment methods are available?
A:Currently, only bank account transfer is accepted. Customers can choose to use online banking or ATM transfer.

9.What are the arrangements under inclement weather conditions?
A:If all warning signals are canceled at or before 12:00 p.m. on the service day, the afternoon service will continue as usual and arrive at the service location within two hours. If the No.8 typhoon signal and black rainstorm warning are still hoisted after 12:00 p.m. on the service day, the appointments will be canceled automatically and affected customers can make appointments for other days. Detailed arrangements can be consulted with a specialist.

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