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American Standard Solar Window Film

Create a comfortable and safe dwelling

Sunlight shining directly into the house can cause different problems, including the rising temperature in the house, which will increase the electricity bill. The second is the glare problem. The discomfort is caused when the brightness is greatly increased beyond the acceptable range of the eyes. Also, harmful UV indices can discolor upholstery such as walls or furniture.
If you are suffering from direct or reflected glare, choose our American Standard Solar Window Film service immediately. To relieve the discomfort caused by glare and direct UV index to improve your quality of life.



About $150 to $180 per sq. ft.
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Please feel at ease to adopt our green services by selecting

  • Adopt American Standard Window Film Perfect 70X
    Sun protection and heat insulation: Up to 99.9% ultraviolet rejection providing energy savings and enhanced comfort
    Improved energy savings: Greatly reduces heat from sunlight and saves electricity bills
    Reduced glare: Significantly reduce glare to get you work done and relax without eye discomfort
    High visible light transmission providing excellent aesthetics: Retain 72.8% high light transmittance. Low interior and exterior reflectivity enhance views while maintaining exterior appearance
    Safety: Fix the broken glass together and effectively prevent debris from splashing
  • Tana® Neutral Disinfectant Cleaner
  • Extech® Solar Power Meter


1.Why do I need the window film service?
A:Residential units facing west are sun-dried every day. Not only the temperature inside the house will rise, but the furniture and upholstery may also be discolored due to long-term exposure to the sun. If you do not want to close the curtains to block the view, American Standard Solar Window Film service can help you. Our product provides heat insulation and sun protection while maintaining the landscape view.

2.How does the window film provide safety protection?
A:ASWF window film can effectively enhance the windproof effect. If the broken glass shards do not splash, the film can fix it together. Even if a typhoon strikes, there is no need to worry about the glass bursting or spraying around your house. It can protect the safety of children and pets at home. In addition, if someone breaks into the house maliciously, the glass will be difficult to break after the window film is passed. It can effectively prevent intruders from entering and improve security protection.

3.What product of window film to use?
A:We chose the American Standard Window Film Perfect 70X. The product is imported from the United States and can effectively block the sun’s heat and UV index without blocking the view.

4.How long does the service take?
A:General housing unit takes about 3 hours.


Your family health may be at risk from the indoor Formaldehyde and VOCs at your home.
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