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Pest Control

The pest problem is very disturbing. Once it happens, it is difficult to eradicate. Prevention is better than cure. Choose our professional Pest Control Service to carry out comprehensive protection works in your new home.


Below 100 sq. ft. $2500
$1 per sq. ft. thereafter
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Please feel at ease to adopt our green services by selecting

  • Home appliances protection work
  • Powerful smoke grenade
    Effectively and completely kill all pests at one time

Service Process

1. Home appliances protection work
2. Light the smoke grenade
3. Remove the wrap next day and keep it ventilated

Additional Service

* To prevent the growth of mold, Choose the Mold Prevention service!


1.Why does a new home need to be exterminated?
A:Pests may be hiding out of sight. Especially new wood furniture. If not treated early, it may cause an infestation problem. Therefore, preventive measures should be taken as soon as possible to eliminate pests from the root and prevent the spread of the virus.

2.I already have electrical appliances in my new home, can I still use the service?
A:Yes. Before carrying out the pest control service, we will wrap the air outlet and electrical appliances to prevent toxic gases from drifting out of the house to affect the neighbors and protect the home appliances.

3.When can I move in after the pest control service?
A:Let the smoke work that night after finishing the service. After opening the doors and window for ventilation in the afternoon of the next day, you can move in at night.

4.How long does the service take?
A:General housing unit takes about 3 hours.


Your family health may be at risk from the indoor Formaldehyde and VOCs at your home.
Try our Indoor Air Quality Solution to improve the problem.

Always replying on Steoids to sooth ECZEMA?
Our Anti-Allergy Solution may help you to avoid drug dependence.
Long Lasting Anti-Bacteria Solution
Protect your family away from influenza virus, bacteria and fungi epecially when kids and elderly are at home.
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