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Formaldehyde (VOC) Removal

Do you know how dangerous your new home is?

Many people cannot wait to move into their new home after renovation, but there are a lot of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) left behind, and these harmful substances are endangering the health of you and your family step by step. Formaldehyde is one of the culprits. It is easy to ignore because it is colorless and has no obvious odor, so it is difficult to know its existence. It will appear in paint, glue, and wooden furniture, so after renovation, your new furniture, walls, and floors all contain excessive amounts of formaldehyde.

Hazards of Formaldehyde

Formaldehyde is one of the four decoration pollution culprits. The release cycle is up to 3-15 years. Long-term inhalation can cause harm to the body. It is irritating and has become a health and safety problem for everyone especially children, pregnant women, and the elderly as well as those sensitive people who are vulnerable to Formaldehyde. Formaldehyde can lead to fetal malformations and increase the chances of suffering from nasopharyngeal carcinoma.


Below 500 sq. ft. $2800
$4.5 per sq ft. thereafter
1500 sq. ft. or above will be quoted separately
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Want to protect your family's health?

Please feel at ease choosing our professional photocatalyst technology, which has been authorized by the “Photocatalyst Industry Association (PIAJ)” in Japan, and can effectively and safely decompose harmful substances. Japan is the birthplace of photocatalysts with a long history and rich literature reports, which are authoritative and professional, and the quality is guaranteed to a certain extent.

Mountson Service Advantage

  • PIAJ Certification
    Our photocatalysts and non-photocatalysts have PiAJ professional certification, and the quality is guaranteed
  • Three layers of disinfection protection
    Use Japanese photocatalyst and non-photocatalyst to decompose formaldehyde, and UV-C lamp to enhance the effect
  • One charge, Two catalysts
    Spray Souki photocatalyst and Osaka clean non-photocatalyst. One charge, two kinds of enjoyment
  • Japan HVLP spraying device
    SEIWA Spray Pump Inc.’s photocatalyst-specific formaldehyde removal equipment is completed in Japan from development, assembly to manufacturing.
  • Fully equipped
    In addition to the Japan spray device, strong ventilation equipment and UV-C lamps for disinfection and sterilization can be added to remove formaldehyde more effectively.
  • Professional spraying technology
    Our sprayers have rich experience in spraying and have served more than 100 units
  • Efficient service
    The general unit completes the service within 3 hours. After a night of ventilation, you can move in.

Mountson Other formaldehyde removal services providers
✓ Using two PiAJ certified catalysts X only one used or no certification
✓ Japan SEIWA Spray Pump Inc. photocatalyst spraying machine X General industrial sprayer
✓ Three-month maintenance X No or conditional maintenance
✓ Price transparency X No public charge content
✓ No extra charge X Opportunity to charge additionally
✓ Provide formaldehyde test report X No report provided
✓ A variety of formaldehyde removal equipment X Only single equipment

Please feel at ease to adopt our green services by selectin

Souki® Photocatalyst 5 Nano

Made in Japan
With several Japanese patented technologies, confidence guarantee.
After the coating film is completely dry, it forms a semi-permanent coating, which can be repeatedly oxidized and decomposed.
Powerful decomposition
Effectively decomposes Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC)
Safe for both humans and animals
Through oral acute toxicity, skin irritation and mutagenicity tests, the toxicity test proves that it is harmless to humans and animals.
Natural and environmentally friendly
Consists of pure water, titanium dioxide and calcium phosphate only, with no pollution to the environment.
Air purification
Apatite carrier technology is added to continuously absorb and decompose odors. Continuous deodorizing effect day and night.
Provides strong mold control and high durability
Prevent dirt from adhering to the surface, easy to clean and keep the surface clean.
Bactericidal and antibacterial
Can effectively kill bacteria and viruses such as Escherichia coli, Staphylococcus aureus, avian influenza, etc. passed the antibacterial test and antiviral tests.

Osaka Clean Non-Photocatalyst

Made in Japan
With several Japanese patented technologies, confidence guarantee.
Powerful decomposition
Japan Food Analysis JFRL certified 1-hour formaldehyde decomposition rate of 97.5%
Diurnal decomposition
The formaldehyde removal effect can be continuously exerted in a dark environment
The decomposition effect can last for more than 10 years
Maternal and child safety
Through the acute oral toxicity test, acute inhalation toxicity and skin irritation test. It is harmless to pregnant women, babies and pets.
Environmentally friendly
It is only composed of phosphoric acid carbon dioxide and water. Decomposes organic compounds into water and carbon dioxide without causing secondary pollution
Bactericidal and antibacterial
Effectively kill the new coronavirus COVID-19
Purify pollutants and improve air quality
Prevent dirt from adhering to the surface, easy to clean and keep the surface clean
Long-lasting protection against mold growth

SEIWA Spray Pump Inc.’s photocatalyst spraying device

The photocatalyst professional spraying device was developed by SEIWA Spray Pump Inc. With the patented high atomization technology, it can efficiently transfer the paint to the surface of the spray material. High adhesion can minimize the scattering rate of photocatalysts so that they can better adhere to the surface of new furniture. In this way, the maximum effect of the photocatalyst in removing formaldehyde can be exerted.

RAE® MiniRAE 3000 VOC Monitor

Service Process

1. Determine the formaldehyde index before construction
2. Start construction
a. The first spray – Osaka Clean non-photocatalyst
b. The second spray – Souki photocatalyst
3. Test the formaldehyde index after construction
4. Formaldehyde test report
5. After-sales maintenance (3 months maintenance after completion of service)

Additional service

*More comprehensive disinfection of newly renovated new houses, choose the Comprehensive Sterilization services together!


1. Why should I choose a professional formaldehyde removal company?
A:There are many DIY methods to remove formaldehyde and these products are easy to buy but less effective. It takes a long time to remove a little bit of formaldehyde. There are also household formaldehyde-removing sprays. However, most people lack professional spraying skills and fail to spray evenly to every corner that releases formaldehyde. Our company has commercial photocatalyst catalysts and experienced qualified workers. Using Japanese-made spraying machines and professional spraying skills, we can play the maximum effect of the catalyst correctly and effectively.

2. What are the benefits of using both photocatalysts and non-photocatalyst at the same time?
A:The photocatalyst we choose has the effect of decomposing formaldehyde immediately. After spraying, the concentration of formaldehyde is lower than the safe level and you can stay at ease. If the concentration does not exceed the standard seriously, only using a photocatalyst can have a sufficient effect. However, we consider that families with children and pets will be particularly stressed about the living environment. Therefore, an additional non-photocatalyst is sprayed as a second layer of protection to ensure that the harmful substances in every dark corner of the home can be more effective and eliminated.

3. What certifications does your technology have?
A:Our photocatalysts and non-photocatalysts products have obtained the authoritative certification of the professional Photocatalyst Industry Association of Japan (PIAJ). The effect and safety are guaranteed.

4. I have children, the elderly, and pets in my home, can I also choose the formaldehyde removal service?
A:Children and the elderly have weak immune systems, and pets are more sensitive. It is more necessary to deal with pollutants in the air. Improve air quality to create a safe and comfortable living environment. The catalysts we choose are all harmless water-soluble coating solutions, which are consists only of pure materials such as titanium dioxide and pure water. They have been proven to be harmless to humans and animals by toxicity tests. Please feel at ease to adopt our services.

5. Is it enough to remove formaldehyde only once? How long does the effect last?
A:Our catalyst technology effectively decomposes formaldehyde immediately. After spraying, the formaldehyde index has been reduced to below the safe level (0.08ppm), so you can stay at ease. Maintaining indoor air circulation after service can speed up the decomposition of harmful substances. The coating is semi-permanent, and the effect generally lasts for several years (depending on the temperature and humidity of the environment).

6. When can I move in after completing the formaldehyde removal service?
A:You can be moved into the next day after the completion of the service. We recommend keeping the housing unit ventilated (If there is an air purifier, please keep it on. The effect will be better) and turning on the whole hour’s lights for 24 hours to allow the coasting to have sufficient conditions to exert its maximum effect and wait for the coating film to dry completely.

7. How long does the formaldehyde removal service take?
A:General housing unit takes about 2 hours

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