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Water Pipe Cleaning

Did you know that water pipes also need to be cleaned regularly?

Have you ever cleaned the water pipes in your home? Household water pipes have a small caliber and many bends. The inner walls are easy to accumulate dirt which can easily become a breeding ground for bacteria. Such as Legionella, Escherichia coli, Salmonella and other bacteria. If you do not clean regularly, more viruses that you cannot see will breed. The aging iron pipes will release harmful substances such as heavy metals, sediment, dirt and oxides. It will pollute the originally clean water. The pollution source may become the cause of chronic diseases, such as hair loss, skin sensitivity and even cancer.

If your plumbing has the following problems:

  • Unstable water pressure
  • Insufficient water pressure
  • No access to a water heater
  • Rusty water seeping from the faucet
  • The color of the water flow is cloudy mixed with sand and stone

Please adopt our Water Pipe Cleaning and Purification Service now!


1 Kitchen and 1 Toilet $2980
1 Kitchen and 2 Toilet $3280
1 Kitchen and 3 Toilet $3500

Please feel at ease to adopt our Water Pipe Cleaning services by selecting

  • Japanese advanced water pipe cleaning technologies and machines from JAB
    Safe and harmless
    By using water and air to create direct thrust into the pipes, the direct pressure and hi-speed hammering can remove rusty clots and sediment lining inside the pipes. The technologies are additives free and therefore it can guarantee a 100% of no chemical residue*.
    *Please be careful hat there are another method of water pipe cleaning in the market by applying acidic (such as Citric Acid) into the pipe cleaning process. Although the Citric Acid itself is safe, it can still be dangerous and harmful when the Citric Acid is combined with the chlorine at the water pipe.

Service Process

1. Check the water yield
2. Remove all faucet
3. Connect the water pipe to the Japanese JAB”no-additives”cleaning instrument
4. Perform cleaning work (about 15 minutes for each pipe)
5. Install all parts and test water operation


1.Why do I need to clean the water pipes in my home?
A:Although the fresh water tank of the building will be cleaned regularly, the water pipes connected to your housing unit cannot be cleaned. Residents can’t clean it by themselves. There are two main reasons for cleaning the water pipes. The first reason is usage problems, such as low water output and inability to use the water heater. The second reason is health problems. The growth of microorganisms on the inner wall of the water pipe will accumulate pollutants and bacteria. Over time, the sediment will easily accumulate into the dirt and block the water pipe. This leads to insufficient water output and even rusty water. These polluted waters contain heavy metals that accumulate in the human body and cannot be excreted. It may be the cause of chronic diseases, such as hair loss skin sensitivity and even cancer. For the health of you and your family, you should clean the water pipes regularly.

2.Is your technology safe? Will it damage the pipes?
A:We use Japanese advanced “no-additives”pipe cleaning technologies. The machine is equipped with a regulator. The vibration frequency is within the acceptable range of the water pipe. It will not break the water pipe. The cleaning process is very safe. Although the chance of a water pipe breaking is very small, if anything happens, we have experienced electricians to follow up on the situation. Please rest assured to use our services.

3.How often should it be cleaned?
A:We recommend cleaning household water pipes at least once a year.

4.How long does the service take?
A:The general housing unit takes about 2 to 3 hours.


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