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Carpet / Fabric Seat Cleaning & Sanitizing

Start paying attention to the cleanliness of your work environment

Carpets and fabric seats/sofas are essential items in the workplace that are used every day. They are prone to accumulate stains, dirt, bacteria, mites, etc. Over time, the fabric will become worn out. It not only dirty but also affect the appearance. Poor air quality will also cause allergies. Mountson use professional cleaning equipment to thoroughly clean the underlying dirt and remove stains. Choose our cleaning service to improve employee morale.

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✓ Tana®PROFESSIONAL Neutral Disinfectant Cleaner
✓ Karcher® Carpet Spray-Extraction Cleaner

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We promote the brand image and customers ’shopping experiences of the retail industry by providing environmental services 365 days a year
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From restaurants into the kitchens, we offer a customized environmental solution to the Chinese and Western catering industry
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