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Mold Prevention

The weather in Hong Kong is humid. The report indicates that the average humidity for the whole year of 2021 is as high as 76%. When the humidity reaches 70%, mold will easily grow and start to multiply. Not only affects our appearance but also harms our health. Mold spores produce toxins, which can cause allergies after inhalation and increase the chance of developing respiratory diseases. In addition to enhancing the discomfort of sensitive people, it may cause allergy symptoms in asymptomatic healthy people. Such as allergic rhinitis, skin allergy, asthma, and eczema. Mold is terrible! Prevent now!


Whole house $10/sq. ft.
Local from $2200
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  • Daiko Technical Anti-mold cleaner Long-lasting inhibition of mold growth for up to a year (Actual effects vary according to different circumstances)


1.Why do I need a mold prevention service?
A:Mold is easy to grow but difficult to completely remove. Its roots may have penetrated the wall. Even the removal of surface mold does not mean the complete removal of mold spores. Rather than struggling to fight the fast-growing mold, it is better to prevent mold problems before it happens.

2.Where is the most likely place to grow mold?
A:Places that are not ventilated and where moisture is easy to accumulate, such as bathrooms, kitchens, walls around air conditioners, ceilings, etc.

3.How to maintain after using the service to prevent mold growth?
A:Hong Kong is very humid for a long time. The most direct way is to turn on the dehumidifier for a long time to reduce indoor humidity. Secondly, you can open the doors and windows to maintain ventilation. Turning on the air purifier is also helpful. In addition, you should clean your air conditioner regularly. It is not recommended to place too many indoor plants. The wet soil will increase the humidity in the air.

4.How long does the service take?
A:General housing unit takes about 2 hours.


Your family health may be at risk from the indoor Formaldehyde and VOCs at your home.
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