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Air Conditioner Cleaning & Sanitizing

We turn on the air conditioner for a long time in the hot summer. Deep cleaning is required after prolonged use of the air conditioner. The weather in Hong Kong is humid. The air conditioner can easily become a breeding ground for bacteria and allergens if there is no regular maintenance and cleaning. It will lead to problems such as mold and air quality that affect human health. Moreover, the dust accumulation will also cause the air conditioner to drop water and not freeze enough, reducing its lifespan. To protect the health of individuals and air conditioners, choose our professional air conditioner cleaning services.


Split type Window type
$1200@1 $1000@1
$1700@2 $1500@2
$2400@3 $2100@3
$3000@4 $2600@4
$3500@5 $3000@5

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Please feel at ease to adopt our green services by selecting

  • Karcher® Professional Steam Cleaner
  • Tana®PROFESSIONAL Neutral Disinfectant Cleaner
  • BioNatro PRO Surface Shield

Service Process

1. Check the condition of the air conditioner.
2. Use a sewage cover to protect the site environment.
3. Remove the cover, dust filter and components of the air conditioner for cleaning.
4. Clean the dust on the aluminum mesh of the air conditioner.
5. Use a high-temperature steam machine for high-temperature steaming and sterilization.
6. Use German Tana® product to clean the air conditioner which has the effect of fresh air.
7. Use BioNatro PRO Surface Shield to spray on the surface of the air conditioner to prevent mildew.
8. Install all air conditioner components and test run.

Additional Service

*Anti-Allergy Solution can improve allergy symptoms more comprehensively and deeply, Choose Fabric Deep Cleaning And Disinfection service!


1.Why do I need a professional cleaning company to clean the air conditioner?
A:Although there are many ways and many articles on the internet that teach users how to clean air conditioners by themselves, they lack experience in removing parts and related tools. If the parts of the air conditioner are not installed properly, it will be self-defeating. The effect of self-cleaning may not be as ideal. Therefore, you can choose our Air Conditioner Cleaning & Sanitizing Service. We have professional cleaning tools and the professional knowledge of qualified workers to solve the intractable problems of the air conditioner for you.

2.What are the benefits of cleaning air conditioners regularly?
A:From an economic point of view, you can save money on maintenance or buying a new air conditioner. Regular cleaning and proper maintenance can prolong the life of the air conditioner. From the perspective of use efficiency, it can solve various problems of air conditioners, such as dripping water, coldness, and a peculiar smell. After cleaning, it can effectively improve air quality and reduce allergic symptoms.

3.How often should I use the cleaning service?
A:Ideally, we recommend cleaning twice a year, with an interval of about half a year. The first cleaning is from May to June. The air conditioner will be used frequently in summer but if it has been idle for a period are prone to breed and retain bacteria. It should be cleaned before use. The second cleaning is from October to November. The air conditioner that has been open for a whole summer is prone to accumulating dirt and should be deep cleaned in time.

4.How long does the service take?
A:The cleaning time of an air conditioner is about 30 to 45 minutes.


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