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Pre-Opening Cleaning & Sanitizing

It is difficult to clean after renovation of large commercial shops or offices. Moreover, there are many different types and stubborn fouling residues. It is difficult to clean up on your own. These stains greatly affect the customer’s observations of your company. Our professional team can meet the client's business expansion needs by providing pre-opening cleaning and sanitizing services. After assessing the site environment, we formulate cleaning procedures and manpower arrangements with commercial clients to ensure that clients’ stores or offices can open and operate smoothly. Also, present the cleanest and tidy appearance to the customers.

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(Pre-opening cleaning & sanitizing services for Christian Dior)

(Pre-opening cleaning & sanitizing services for Valentino’s Flagship Store)

(Pre-opening cleaning & sanitizing services for Marketplace Supermarket during construction)

(Pre-opening cleaning & sanitizing services for the café shop of The Mills)

Additional Service

Harmful formaldehyde can be continuously released indoor for ten years or more. By improving the indoor air quality and working environment, the health of employees and the shopping experience of customers are protected. It is recommended to choose the Formaldehyde (VOC) Removal service!

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We promote the brand image and customers ’shopping experiences of the retail industry by providing environmental services 365 days a year
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From restaurants into the kitchens, we offer a customized environmental solution to the Chinese and Western catering industry
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