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Stone Restoration & Cleaning Care

The appearance of the store is very important. But as the flooring material ages, dirt seeps into the crevices of the floor. Over time, it will breed bacteria, even mold, and change the original color. Furthermore, after long time of use, there will be scratches on the surface, which will affect the appearance and reduce the service life. Mountson are professional in proving polishing, grinding, grinding, refurbishment, stain removal, waxing, cleaning, and anti-slip services for marble, granite, artificial stone, terrazzo, sandstone, slate, slate, polished tiles, etc. Clients can choose according to the situation A Basic Cleaning and Maintenance Solution or A Full-Scale Deep Restoration Solution.

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A Basic Cleaning and Maintenance Solution

Provide light restoration services, such as washing, dirt removal, waxing. Using a professional washing machine to clean the dirt on the surface of the floor. Then use a grinder for polishing to improve the brightness of the stone and maintain its appearance.

(Before and after comparison of our marble restoration treatment for Dior)

Service Content
1. Floor deep cleaning by high pressure water jet machine
2. Floor deep cleaning by scrubbing machine
3. Floor dirt removal and old wax removal
4. Floor waxing and polishing

A Full-Scale Deep Restoration Solution

Provide deep grinding for stone materials, remove stubborn stains and repair surface scratches, and restore natural brightness. Then perform grinding and polishing to form a protective layer on the stone surface to reduce the chance of abrasion or scratching, so that can prolong the service life. It can also reduce the cost of maintenance and replacement.

(Before and after comparison of our terrazzo restoration and polishing treatment for ParkNshop)

Service Content
1. Waxing, Crystalizing & polishing services
2. Surface hardening treatment
3. Light or deep grinding and restoration treatment
4. Seamless Polishing Treatment
5. Anti-slip treatment

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3MTM Paste Wax
Marble Grinder

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(Before and after comparison of waxing and polishing treatment for Wellcome)

(Staff are conducting terrazzo restoration and polishing treatment for ParkNshop)

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