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Carpet Cleaning & Sanitizing

Please feel at ease to adopt our green services by selecting

  • Green Concept® Truly Green carpet janitorial detergents for the cleaning work
  • Miele® Allergy Vacuum Cleaner for the dust removal work
  • Karcher® Carpet Spray-Extraction Cleaner for the carpet deep cleaning work

About Green Concepts® Carpet Deep Cleaner

Green Concepts® carpet deep cleaners are with high performance, multi-function and low foam formulation. Flexible product formulation can effectively remove oil, grease, deep dirt on the carpet and other stains. Under normal circumstances, one-time cleaning can effectively suppress accumulation of dirt again.

Carpet deep cleaning agents can be used safely on most carpets and textiles without affecting most dyes and colors. By using Karcher® Carpet Spray-Extraction Cleaner at the same time, it can achieve the best results.

(Staff are conducting carpet cleaning services)


Your family health may be at risk from the indoor Formaldehyde and VOCs at your home.
Try our Indoor Air Quality Solution to improve the problem.

Always replying on Steoids to sooth ECZEMA?
Our Anti-Allergy Solution may help you to avoid drug dependence.
Long Lasting Anti-Bacteria Solution
Protect your family away from influenza virus, bacteria and fungi epecially when kids and elderly are at home.
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